Our Community

Our Church Community is part of the wider community of the parish of St Just in Roseland and St Mawes. On this page we share a bit about us as a community of faith, as a community of prayer and as a community of service.

St Just and St Mawes 2021

On The Way: Information from Revd Marc Baker Rural Dean of Powder and Member of Powder ‘On The Way’ Steering Group.

As we head towards the start of  ‘On The Way’ we are now able to release two additional resources to accompany the letter we sent to all Clergy, PCC Members and Synod Members last week and our FAQ Sheet. (If you did not receive the previous information from our Chapter Clerk or from our Synod Secretary do please let me know). These resources are designed for church members themselves. The first is a simple flyer that introduces ’On The Way’ and tells people where they can find more information. The second document is an outline of the ‘On The Way’ process produced by Bishop Hugh (this is a diocese wide resource that gives a general picture of the process).
Today we are also launching an online resource hub where you can find all these documents (and others that will be produced going forward). This will be a place for people to find out all that is going on as we work together over the next months. Do draw people’s attention to the website at www.powderdeanery.org. People can use this website to sign up to receive more information throughout the process, to be part the team praying for ’On The Way’ and to put themselves forward for consideration for our leadership teams in the different groupings.
Finally, let me remind you about the open meeting for anyone to attend on the 7th December at 7:30pm with Bishop Hugh. At this meeting Bishop Hugh will be introducing ‘On The Way’ and helping us as we begin the process. Do ask people to save the date now. Remember, the date for people to say if they would like to be part of one of our leadership teams is the 9th December. We will be reminding people about both these dates over the next two weeks. I expect the meeting on the 7th to be especially significant for those who are considering putting themselves forward.




Weekly Sunday Services are as follows:

8am BCP at St Just

9.30am Holy Communion at St Mawes

11am Holy Communion at St Just.

St Just in Roseland Church and St Mawes Church are open for Private Prayer daily 10 am to 4pm.

Some of the lessons of the last few weeks might be that;

God has remained faithful and whilst events in the world, both a distance away and closer to home might have appeared chaotic and bewildering, God’s love and faithfulness have been unswerving and he has been the rock which many of us have not only depended on but found solid and trustworthy.

Despite not being able to worship together in our church buildings we have had technology which has enabled most of us to continue to meet via zoom and alternately by YouTube. This has been a wonderful expression of love for each other and for God as different church congregations have joined together in unity and distance is no barrier to people, friends, family, coming together from all over the country joining together in worship. It has been greatly enriching and rewarding.

YouTube has seen people visiting from across the world and it is humbling to think that people are joining into our services and heartwarming that they continue to come week after week so we can share together this wonderful sense of fellowship together.

During lockdown we started two Alpha groups, one for local people who have been church goers for many years but have enjoyed the stimulating conversation and deepening of faith that comes from revisiting the essentials of faith. The other for people from a variety of backgrounds and places all on a journey wondering what God has in store for them as we explore Christianity through the Alpha videos.

As we start to imagine what church is going to look like over the next few months I would encourage you all to pray and seek God’s vision for your future and our future as a church moving forward. How do we continue to express God’s love, no longer just in this place, but to all those who are hungry to receive and be transformed by Him.

Every blessing