Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders

A worship leader is a recognised and commissioned form of lay ministry. These lay ministers play a vital role in the worship life of a parish church. Local Worship Leaders are commissioned for five years and may be re- commissioned after review by the incumbent and the PCC. Local Worship Leaders have undertaken training with the diocese (pictured). The course outline can be seen here: Truro Diocese Website

We are very blessed to have seven fully trained Worship Leaders in our parish. You may have already seen Valerie Willis, Angela Greenwell and Sallie Eden in action, but they have recently been joined by Liz German, Linda Kerswill, Alan Baptist, and Caroline Northover. All have just finished their training and all (apart from Sallie) will be commissioned / recommissioned at a special service at 7pm in St Just on March 1st.

Who are they?

Pictured here at the end of their training are Liz, Linda, Alan, Caroline, Valerie and Angela. We share a few words about them here:

Sallie (not pictured) was commissioned as a Local Worship Leader in September 2015. She has been a regular attendee at St Mawes Church for over 20 years and, less regularly, for 20 years before that. A former member of St Just in Roseland PCC and Deanery Synod, she spends part of her time in London where she is involved in a wide range of activities in the Southwark Diocese, worshipping at St Stephen’s, South Dulwich, where she is also a Chalice assistant.

Alan writes “Born an Essex man, as a retired hotelier I’ve lived in Cornwall for more than 25 years, I have been a member of the St. Just congregation for approximately 5 years. A member of the P.C.C. becoming a worship leader seemed like a natural progression alongside the roles that I currently fulfil within the church.”

Angela “I have lived in St Mawes for over twenty years having lived in seven different countries before. I have always been a member of St Mawes congregation and served as churchwarden to the parish for eight years. Music is an important part of worship for me and I love singing with the Roseland Churches Choir. My fourteen grand children are a constant source of joy and concern. However I believe that ” the church is the people led by the clergy” and I am happy to serve as a Worship Leader.”