Breathing Space

‘Breathing Space’ is the name of our monthly meditative and contemplative gathering, which makes the most of the extraordinary stillness and quiet that St Just in Roseland Church offers

Stillness and Silent Prayer

Rooted in the ancient Christian practice of contemplation, we meet once every month to develop our practice of stillness and quiet prayer. The church of St Just in Roseland is an ideal setting for this practice, with a long and hallowed history of prayer and a history of association with the Augustinians (famed for their contemplative prayer). Its creekside setting means that there is no traffic or noise from busy life to contend with. Silent prayer is an extraordinary jewel of the Christian tradition and can be found in nearly all other spiritual traditions. We offer this group as a safe and welcoming space for anyone who wishes to find peace in their lives.


To find out more …

To find out on which Sunday our next gathering will be, please check the parish calendar. Email reminders are sent in advance, please send your email address to our Parish team to be added to the Breathing Space mailing list. The guide can be found by clicking on the green box below.

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